Refrigeration without using grid power & diesel generator backup 


    No moving parts in the refrigeration cycle


    Refrigeration using cow-dung cakes, biogas, rice husk, biomass pellets or other farm waste, waste heat etc.


    No greenhouse gas emissions, zero carbon footprint, zero global warming potential

GreenCHILL vs. Conventional Cold Storage

GreenCHILLConventional Cold Storage
Grid PowerX
Diesel Generator BackupX
GHG EmissionsX
Operating CostLowHigh
Energy SourceCow-dung cakes, biogas, biomass pellets, dead wood, producer gas, farm waste or waste heat etc. Electricity

Our Mission

  • Environmental Preservation

    Use of renewable energy resources such as farm waste, biogas, producer gas or waste heat to help keep the environment clean and healthy.

  • Affordable Technology

    Clean, green and affordable technologies to help benefit the Indian agriculture communities.

  • Farmer Security

    Escalating overall economic productivity and introducing true sustainable development; bringing a positive difference to the life of every farmer.

  • Wastage Reduction

    Reduced loss of agricultural produce due to inadequate cold storage.

Latest News


At New Leaf, renewable energy sources such as farm-waste, bio-gas or solar energy can be used as the energy source for providing cooling facilities to Indian farms and dairies.  This leads to a reduction in use of non renewable energy sources and leads to secure energy future.

With the help of New Leaf, affordable cooling systems, to save daily farm produce is now a possibility. In India, there is an estimated wastage of fruits and vegetables worth 44,000 crores annually. GreenCHILL provides efficient cooling, reduces this food wastage and makes way for a brighter tomorrow.

At New Leaf, the idea is to escalate overall economic productivity and benefit each farmer, and hence the community by giving them the opportunity of healthy produce, everyday. We want to open their doors to better market access and an empowered tomorrow.


Wastage of fruits and vegetables 0%
Growth in veg. production 0%
Produce using cold storage 0%
Need in storage capacity increase 0%