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Our Team

Anurag Agarwal

Anurag Agarwal

Director and Co-Founder
Anurag is the Director and Co-Founder at New Leaf Dynamic Technologies (P) Ltd and Virtual Engineering Services (P) Ltd (VEST). He is a dynamic entrepreneur who utilizes creativity, leadership and teamwork to design and execute solutions that create customer and employee value. With a Mechanical Engineering degree from IIT Kanpur and an M.S. in Machine...
Akash Agarwal

Akash Agarwal

Co-Founder, Business Analyst and Marketing Manager
Akash Agarwal is the Director and Co-Founder at New Leaf Dynamic Technologies (P) Ltd. Akash is young, optimistic and a true visionary. With a degree in Business Management from the University of Utah, USA, Akash brings a new energy to the work force and a sense of optimism to future growth. Given his marketing background,...
Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina

Suresh is the Director at New Leaf Dynamic Technologies (P) Ltd. He is creative, innovative and steadfast when it comes to technological growth and advancement. Suresh pursued Electrical and Electronics Engineering from NIT Srinagar and has worked with names that are powerful and resolute. From the Institute of Medical Sciences, Srinagar to HCL Limited, from...
Avinash Upadhyaya

Avinash Upadhyaya

Manager - Sales & Marketing
Avinash is another young one ready to take the world with unique ideas and a revolutionary approach. With a degree in Chemical Engineering from BITS, Pilani, he has worked with the National Aerospace Laboratories in Bangalore and has been successful in developing a Nano-crystalline Nickel-Boron alloy coating which enhances the tool-life of high speed steel...
Prabhat Agarwal

Prabhat Agarwal

Advisor and Investor
Prabhat Agarwal is passionate, inventive and enterprising. With a strong foundation from IIT Delhi and IIM Ahemadabad, his ideas have sincerely revolved around excellence. He is the founder and coach at Aravali Scholars wherein deserving students from low income neighbourhoods are motivated to achieve their potential. He is also a mentor and investor in several...
Tushar Narula

Tushar Narula

Executive Project Development
Tushar brings energy and youthful ideas to New Leaf. His life goals are to be the change maker for the environment and to focus on developing renewable energy systems. His other project work like “Optimize” smart spaces using multi energy systems have been appreciated by the like of IFC World Bank group, Lanco Power, Technosafe etc.

What People Say


In my milk chilling efforts at my dairy farm, for last many years, I have been looking for alternative Indian technologies that can use biogas / cow dung/ biomass directly for refrigeration. New Leaf’s GreenCHILL has been successfully able to satisfy my needs of chilling milk using dried cow dung. Now, I’m working with them to implement this technology for the cooling of hydroponics fodder in chambers.

Subodh Kumar

Earlier we were spending ~₹ 450 on ice slabs every day to store the remaining milk that wasn’t sold in the market from our dairy on a particular day. Now with GreenCHILL, we are not only able to store the milk at no cost but are also able to supply fresh milk to the market the subsequent day.

Ami Chand

We had tried various options for disposing off cow-dung at our dairy; using it as a fertilizer, producing biogas but nothing felt as easy and effective as using cow-dung to chill milk.

Sandeep Kumar

Now private milk companies can come to us at any time to pick up fresh milk. We have started earning more now.