Affordable Cooling


At every dairy farm, effective milk cooling is essential to ensure the quality of the product. Surveys suggest that milk cooling accounts for about 30% of the total energy costs of operating a dairy. We, at New Leaf Dynamic Technologies, help overcome this problem by providing an energy efficient milk cooling system for the Indian dairy farm that can significantly reduce these operating costs. With our ‘Green Chill’ Cooling System, one can cool upto 1000 litres of milk, thereby leading to a better output and a better income. At our first pilot project site in Ghazipur, Delhi – 96, we have successfully chilled 500 litres of milk using energy generated from cow dung. To top it, there are no moving parts in the refrigeration cycle. Using renewable sources of energy, for all cooling purposes, the operating cost can be reduced to a great extent. Also, the need for power requirement is as low as 300W, which can be fulfilled by a solar panel, inverter or even a small windmill.